New Year 2017 is just around the corner! Time for celebrations and relaxations! Long vacations, holiday mood and happiness all around are the perfect time to enjoy. If money is the only concern that is stopping you from enjoying this vacation, then it’s time to think of a personal loan. Yes, just grab a personal loan to get money immediately and make use of the same to enjoy this vacation with your family and friends.

Finance Buddha can Help with Your Travel Plans.

Finance Buddha can Help with Your Travel Plans.

Through Finance Buddha, you can apply for a personal loan. If all documentation and eligibility are met then getting a personal loan is possible within 24 hours. This type of personal loan is also called as Travel Loans. It is that type of loan which is borrowed without the need for any collateral.

Personal Loan for Your New Year Vacation Plans:

  • Meet festival expenses even when you have not saved for it:

Getting fast travel loan is very beneficial when you do not have enough savings for your holiday plans. This extra cash will be helpful to meet those extra bills like buying gifts for beloved ones, to paint the house and even to throw a party. These personal loans for holidays are instant and the whole processing will be online with the help of Finance Buddha.

  • Get low interest loans for quick needs:

These loans are offered at low interest rates and can be taken for a short period of time. Considering it is just a need for the season, the loan amount can be as low as INR 50,000. Finance Buddha will assist in bringing together the attractive deals and excellent offers that will help you to meet your celebration expenses.

  • Have a budget and plan:

It’s true that the time of celebration is near. But it’s important to have a budget and planning. Firstly jot down the list of things to do and what to gift to your near ones.  Make a rough estimate of what would be the expenses and by when it should be paid. This will help you in understanding how much loan amount should be borrowed for what period of time and what should be the rate of interest. Based on this information, simply visit the website Finance Buddha and apply for a loan.

  • Make use of online shopping:

Online shopping is always a great way to manage your expenses. However unless you know to play the cards safely, it will not be easy to handle the expenses. Make use of online shopping to such an extent that there is enough income to repay the same. Don’t foresee the loan amount and start over spending. Have an account for what are the expenses and how to repay the same.

Benefits of taking Personal Loan for Travel:

  • Quick and easy processing of application
  • According to the affordability and need loan decisions can be tailored
  • No hidden charges, fees or penalties on pre-payment in some banks
  • Calculation of interest is on a daily or monthly account on the basis of type and tenure of loan.
  • Monthly payments can be through standing instructions from bank or even a payroll deduction
  • Loan are approved as quick as within 48 hours

Tips for Using Travel Loan the Right Way:

It is quite common to get lost in the festival and holiday mood that you might start spending way above what is planned. This has to be taken into control to ensure loan is used in a right manner and it does not turn out to be a burden.

  • Borrow loan only to the extent of what your expense is.
  • Have a plan to repay the loan
  • Don’t take loan to the extent of what your total repayment capacity is. Have some extra money always to meet emergencies
  • Don’t apply for too many holiday loans
  • Make sure you have good credit score and income to repay
  • Plan early and avoid last minute waiting
  • Don’t procrastinate shopping to the last few days
  • Apply loan before need arises to manage through alternatives in case of loan rejection
  • Don’t fall for attractive offers and discount, look for the quality of the products and services that you spend money for

It’s true that the expenses are very high during festival seasons. At times all the discounts and offers available will not be sufficient to cover up your expense list. This is the main reason why personal loan is considered as best option. So apply for a loan before your expenses starts and enjoy your New Year with peace and joy!