Hug Day 2020

A hug is the best way to say to your loved one that “you are special to me“. Many of us hesitate to share our feelings and keep it hidden inside us, but a warm hug from us can say it all. A warm hug from our loved ones not only makes us feel special but also brings out their love & emotions. And 12th of Feb is especially dedicated to hugs, the day falls on the 6th day of the love week (valentine week) and is called Hug Day.

Importance & Significance of a Hug

Hugs are considered as:

The best way to express your concern when someone is sad or depressed.

The best way to say I am with you when someone is crying. 

The best way to express your happiness when someone is happy.

The best way to express someone that you love them and they mean a lot in your life. 

Hug day is that special day when the lovebirds hug each other and express their love and affection for each other. The day is not restricted to lovers and is celebrated with friends and family as well. In today’s world, we all are so busy with our life that we forget to show our love, affection, care, admiration or thanks to those who matter in our life. Giving a hug to your friends and parents to thank them for always being there, will make their day. It can do wonders and can help you to make your relation and understanding better.

Sometimes it is difficult to express your love with words, in such a situation more than words a sweet gesture of hug can work. A hug is enough to express your feelings & affection. 

A hug can convey your feelings more than a thousand words can. Moreover, the promises you made yesterday on the promise day are still fresh so by not reassuring your partner with a warm hug that you will try to fulfil all the promises with full honesty. 

How to celebrate Hug Day 2020

  • Give them something which they always wanted from you, a commitment towards each other, a loyalty which he/she always deserves.
  • Hug them tight and say whatever be the situation, you will always be there.
  • Go out for a movie date and have a romantic dinner.
  • Have conversations that you have always avoided.
  • If it’s a broken friendship, you can hug them and say sorry for whatever happened and have a fresh start.
  • Hug your parents and say it all today, say them that- they mean a lot to you.

Apart from showing love, a hug says many things, studies have proven that hugs can reduce depression and anxiety. And hence are the best way to reduce stress and can build a strong bond between two people. 

Knowing the importance and benefits of hugs, you should not hesitate and think twice, go and hug whom you think is special to you and you couldn’t say it before.