Higher education is one of the major investments for our future. This investment is a bit costly but gives the best result which none of the investments can give. This makes the returns usually outweigh the cost. Financing the college fee is not easy in a country like India where the cost of education is going higher day by day. Well, the college cost doesn’t include only paying the college fee, but it includes a high tuition fee, hostel charges, and other fees related to projects and day to day expenses. 

However, the tuition fee and hostel charges are low at government institutions such as IITs & NITs but getting selected for these institutions is a tough task, as the competition is tough and seats are limited.

Hence, a major number of students are left with on option other than going for private institutions and colleges. In such a case, the cost is much more and students have to face lots of problem-related to the fund funds.

Surely, student loans are always an option, but as tuition fees continue to increase so does student debt. Moreover, student loans are only available for selected colleges. 

So, here are some of the options which can help you fund your college fees easily –

Shubh Loans

Shubh loans are a great help to the people who are facing cash crunches.

The company is India’s first credit scoring company that includes, empowers and transforms every individuals’ life by transparently providing easy access to credit. The funds provided are unsecured and act the same as a personal loan, Students can get the funds easily without any hassle that too in very less time.

Through Shubh loans, funds can also be availed by the person who yet not have a credit history. All these features of Shubh Loans make it totally compatible with a student’s point of use. To avail of the funds, students just need to follow this – Go to their website and apply by filling the required fields. Select the lone type, tenure and the amount you need. And you will get to know your monthly EMI. Hence, students can use it anytime as per their requirement. Funds borrowed can be used to pay for the college fees or even to add some money in your monthly pocket money. The company has recently raised a funding of ₹ 34 crores and has also received an NBFC license.

Slice Pay 

Using Slice pay is one of the best options for the students. The company has taken care of youth and knows well that young India believes in spending and exploring. The slice pay is best for students as it provides them with easy access to funds. The slice card is a zero fee card which makes it even easier for the students. Students can use it anywhere for any purpose and can pay later for it. The yet another thing which makes slice pay best for students is the availability of no-cost EMI. Well for all these facilities the only thing required is to submit your KYC documents and fill the application form.


KrazyBee has been founded by IIM & NIT allumnies. The company aims to provide instant funds to the students. 

With krazyBee funds are available to the students with an online student credit card which is known as KrazyBee Student Paycard. Getting the membership of this card is quite easy, students just need to sign up, by providing the required details and by uploading the documents which include the Id card proof and address proof documents. There will be a quick verification process, and if everything goes well, you can get funds.

Well, if you are a student and looking for funds, these options will surely help you out.

3 Ways students can Pay for College easily
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3 Ways students can Pay for College easily
Funding higher education is not easy these days with the increased cost of education. It includes paying a high tuition fee, hostel charge, fees related to projects and much more. Read on to this Finance Buddha blog to know the options to fund your higher education.
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